Poggio di Loro
Loro Ciuffenna, Arezzo
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Loro Ciuffenna, Poggio di Loro, Pratomagno & Valdarno
Loro Ciuffenna, Poggio di Loro, Pratomagno & Valdarno


Here we are in 'Poggio di Loro'. This knoll which is part of the 'Prato Magno' is on the Tuscan Apennines streches itself around a castle and the beautiful church of 'Santa Maria Assunta' the origins of both are lost in the mists of history. Documents of 1247 attest to the existence of the castle as the fief of Count Guidi that with its tower, still inhabited, remainds people of the potency and splendor that the village had in those times. What a vista of stone steps adorned with plants, aromatic herbs, flowers of many colors rising and falling intertwines with the carefully sculptured iron wrought railings; the houses with their windows angled just so; in that way they let you see their beautiful ceilings of wooden refters and bricks.

As if witnessing a bygone era we find, as we walk, a large oven which is still used today. Since Poggio is at 650 meters over the sea level the entire area is surrounded by Chesnut, Cypress,Pine and Oak trees punctured by clearing that offer unforgetable views of the Prato Magno and of the Gigantic cross that crowns it. Indeed there even are paths that will take to the top for those that so desire.

The Summer days are celebrated by feasts in outdoor places organized by the local shopkeeper and a group of people that have in theris hearts this wonderful village. This is the context in which a big old structure has been renovated with expert attention to detail. Three homes have been created with a sense of recreating a bygone taste; the furniture and accesories do not fail to usher you into the comforts of the past without, however, neglecting modern comforts so that your stay will be enjoyable. Poggio di Loro is not only a great place to visit and to live in, but the smart distance separating it from Florence, Siena and Arezzo enables programming visit to these magnificient cities full of art and their surrounding, just to mention Chianti.